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    Pandalus jordani Fresh Oregon Shrimp Meat will become available in early April. This product has become more and more popular over the years because of it’s unique, sweet flavor. It’s great in shrimp cocktails, salads, tacos, and more. Approximately 90% of the … Read More

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    Siliqua patula It’s Pacific Northwest Razor Clam season! The fresh season runs from April 1st through June 7th. These shellfish are exceptionally meaty and delicious; a true West Coast delicacy that is typically fried or used in chowder. Did you know commercial razor clam diggers … Read More

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    Fresh Alaskan Halibut is Here! The coast-wide halibut season opened on Saturday, March, 14th. We saw a slow start to the season due to poor Alaskan weather. However, the weather has improved and we expect more fish to arrive by … Read More

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    Alaskan Black Cod

    Anoplopoma fimbria Alaskan Black Cod is available now and throughout the summer months. Alaskan Black Cod, AKA Sable Fish, AKA Butter Fish is a true delicacy. It is incredibly rich in flavor, which is where it gets it’s nickname, Butter … Read More

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    Copper River Salmon

    For many of us in the seafood industry, Copper River Salmon hails the start of the summer salmon season. Prime Select Seafoods (Northern Fish Products subsidiary located in Cordova, AK), provides us first access to this prized fish. These fish … Read More